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Theseus was a king of Athens. There is some confusion about Theseus' parents. Some say it is he is the son of Aegeus and Aethra and some say Poseidon and Aethra.
The next day Aegeus left for Athens as he left he left sandals and a sword under a large rock. If Aethra gave birth to a male he would have to go to Athen to claim them, to show his claim his birthright.
Aethra gave birht to Theseus and when he got old enough he went to Athens. On his way he killed six murderous advisaries.Medea the wife of Aegeus also makes him kill a marathonian bull and he succeeds. Then she gives him poisoned wine but just about when Theseus is about to dink it Aegeus hits it and Theseus does not drink it.

 On the way to the sandals and sword he encounters a storm. Hes seeks shelter in a hut of a old womennamed Hecale. "She promises to make a sacrifice to Zeus if Theseus comes back successful. He comes back, finds her dead, and builds a deme in her name. Some time after Theseus return to Athens, trouble stirs and blood flows between the houses of Aegeus in Athens and Minos, his brother in Crete."
 "An Oracle demands thatrecompence be made to Minos".Theseus is one that is chosen to be recompensed.So he sails to Crete, promising Aegeus that his sips black flags replaced by white flags if Theseus is victorious. On the way Minos son of Zeus molests one of hismaidens and Theseus gets angry and challenges him for his parentage for Poseidon. So he make him retreive a ring from the sea and succeeds.